Cool Sculpture: Double Chin Removal

Our Cool Sculpture Chin applicator is the latest fat freeze technology specially designed to reduce stubborn fat under the chin and contour the neck. The Cool Sculpture Double Chin applicator can also treat inner knees, upper breast and underarms junction without a surgery or any downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

The demand for non surgical fat reduction treatments is at an all-time high, with many people looking to lose unwanted bulges that just won’t budge.

As we age and our metabolism slows down, it becomes increasingly difficult to lose this type of fat through diet and exercise alone.

CoolSculpture Double Chin removal offers an effective solution that works alongside a healthy lifestyle to deliver permanent results – all without the need for invasive procedures.

Fat cells are more vulnerable to cold than other tissue in the body. This means that controlled cooling can selectively freeze them without affecting surrounding tissues.

CoolSculpture Double Chin removal uses a specialised applicator to transmit cooling energy to a target area, which causes fat cells to freeze, crystallise and die. Per treatment, up to 30% of fat cells in the area can be permanently destroyed.

The body then transports these cells to the lymphatic system, where they are processed by the liver and released naturally from the body. Once this process is initiated, your body will break down the crystallised fat cells continuously over 6 to 12 weeks.

Provided that good diet and exercise is maintained, CoolSculpture results should be permanent.

For best results, a minimum of 2-3 sessions is advised. While individual results may vary, you should see noticeable fat loss within one to three months of treatment.

The procedure is non invasive, so any discomfort will be minimal. Some patients find the sensation slightly uncomfortable initially, but adjust quickly.

Following the Cool Sculpting Double Chin removal procedure, you may experience some temporary discomfort – redness, numbness, tingling, swelling, bruising or mild pain. In many cases these will disappear within days, but may take up to a few weeks to subside completely.

  • Chin
  • Upper Breast
  • Underarms junction

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